Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Charter Changes for a "Hell No" Vote

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 There are six charter changes being proposed in the May 4th special election. You can view the ordinances and the ballot language in this post. The two you need to absolutely vote "NO" on are items #3 and #4 on the ballot. Item #3 defines the role of the mayor in our city manager form of government. It is an unnecessary ordinance because the mayor adopts these roles anyway as part of their expected duties. This just makes it official and if a political party gets their person elected, it allows them to play party politics because the charter says it is OK. 

The other change is item #4. It involves eliminating the mayor appointed compensation board which meets once a year to discuss pay raises for commission members. They have doled out three 2% raises over the last 7 years while Dayton is beginning to spiral down a black hole as far as neighborhoods and community is concerned. This charter change bases salaries on those of the county commissioners. The county salaries are set by the state of Ohio and are based on population. They go up every year but raises can't be paid to elected officials. However, if re elected the salary increases to the new rate four years later and is about 5% higher. The charter change sets the commissioner salary at 50% of the county commission salary and the mayor salary at 75% of that amount. The amount set for county commissioners in 2022 based on Montgomery County population (531,687 people) is $109,577. The salary of a commissioner will jump from $46,500 to $55,000. The salary of the mayor will jump from $55,000 to $82,000. These are part time jobs, though my first time as mayor I worked 36 to 40 hours a week part time. If re elected in 4 years the salaries jump to $59,000 and $88,000 respectively.

I am only voting YES on items #5 and #8 regarding teleconferencing meetings (though I think this could be tweaked a little better) and establishing the water department as a public utility that can't be sold to a private business unless the people vote on it.

The other items, I get the purpose, I don't like the wording. If I don't like the wording I always vote "NO" because they can come back and make it better.