Thursday, March 4, 2021

I Must Have the Most Famous Roof in Dayton

 It is amazing. Eleven years AFTER the local newspaper article from August 2010 about me limiting my schedule as mayor for the month of September people still harp on the fact that I took some time to work on my roof. I should add that at the time, when it rained, I had a waterfall in my bathroom due to failed box gutters, there were even mushrooms growing out of the brick walls. So, if you are one of the people who honestly believes the lies made up by the local Democratic party in order to get the current mayor elected then you need to know the truth. I never took three months off to fix my roof. It took 14 work days over a three month span of time to tear down a fire escape and front porch, dispose of the material, repair a huge hole where a dormer was, repair a section of box gutter supports and replace the slate roof and box gutter on the rear and south side of my house. I documented the entire process at the time here. 

The front part of the roof became a real problem in 2018 when the front and north side box gutters gave out and so I had to devise a way to complete the roof project. That was documented here.

I still have to complete the dormer at the front of the house and the upper porch. Maybe I need to get it done this year BEFORE getting elected again. I wouldn't want anyone thinking that working on my roof was a dereliction of duty to my 40 hours a week part time as mayor. Yes, that is correct. I worked on average, 40 hours a week in a part time job for 4 years. Even when I worked on my roof in 2010. That is why it took 14 days over a 3 month period to complete the task. I was still working on city business and not slacking off the way some people have been told.

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