Thursday, October 22, 2020

WHAT? You want to do this again?

 Hello, it has been several years since I have had any reason to post any comments here. Well, the time has come to start commenting once again. It is October 22nd, in the year that never was (2020) it has been a strange year as most would agree. Usually by this time I have been alerted to the fact that certain people are circulating petitions to run for the position of mayor or city commission. I have heard nothing until this week. There are possibly two people wanting to face the commission incumbents. One I have met already and we are helping each other with getting petitions signed. I have heard nothing about a challenge to the current mayor who managed to run unopposed in 2017 because the one person who tried to get on the ballot to run against her did not fully understand the criteria required. Which, I must say is a common mistake. 

I do not believe ANY candidate should run unopposed.  Because of that, and the fact that Dayton residents deserve qualified choices when it comes to a mayor or a commissioner, I am throwing my hat into the ring for a second time because of my belief that voters deserve choices in elections. To me it is a matter of principle.

In order to get on the ballot, I need to get 500 signatures from registered voters residing in Dayton proper. That means that I really need about 750 to 800 because some people print their name or sign in a legible manner that does not match how they signed their voter registration card. It requires about 80 hours of work.  I have already written two posts on this blog regarding the process. If you are ever interested in running for office in Dayton, you really should read them. The local Board of Elections will not tell you how to fill out the forms or how to get qualified signatures. They will also not tell you that signatures collected 12 months before the turn in date are valid. That is because every position in that office has two employees. One is Republican, the other is a Democrat. Since the Dayton election is non partisan, if you do not belong to a political party and are the anointed candidate then they will never help you with the correct information. If indeed they even know what the correct information is. 

So, with all this said. If you are a Dayton voter. You will have a choice in 2021. I am going to guarantee it.

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