Saturday, October 24, 2020

The $10,000 Challange.

 Back in 2013 I offered a challenge. That any candidate for mayor of Dayton spend no more than $10,000 to get elected. The challenge was not about winning or losing. It was a marketing ploy. Should all three candidates agree then we would have been a national phenomenon. The two Democratic party candidates did not oblige. The current mayor spent $250,000 in a primary. The Democratic challenger spent $100,000 and I spent $2,000 of my own money and lost by 200 votes simply because the citizens did not realize that in a mayoral primary, the two highest vote getters go on to a general election. So Democrats came out to vote for the person to run against me. Republicans, Independents and Third Party did not vote because they assumed that as an Independent I was automatically on the November ballot.  A.J. Wagner later told me that he should have accepted the challenge. By November that year the current mayor had spent an additional $250,000 and A.J. Wagner could only raise $30,000 plus. By the way, in 2014 the job paid $45,000 a year. In my opinion the job salary did not justify the cost to obtain. So, I publicly challenge the mayor to limit spending on her re election to $10,000. Maybe, just maybe she will understand. Unfortunately, I doubt it.

I offer the challenge again. If the current mayor truly understands what this could do for her career as a politician, she will accept it. She would understand that I offer an opportunity to advance her career. Unfortunately I do not believe that she will get it. I don’t believe she will ever understand the mind of an entrepreneur. 

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