Friday, November 11, 2016

Do You Want to be Mayor or Commissioner?

Let's look at some facts right now. If Nan Whaley wants to hold a job she has to run for mayor again. Why? Well Hillary lost the presidential race and Ohio is controlled by Republicans so her her opportunities to weasel her way into the Clinton administration dried up and her Ohio opportunities went away with Ted Strickland. She already has people collecting signatures for her. They were chasing people down after they voted at the polling stations on the west side of Dayton. I saw it first hand. I hope she wasn't using GOTV funds to pay the signature collectors. That would be deplorable.
In four years she will be easily defeated. People will be tired of her just as they were with Rhine McLin. Right now, well she has screwed up several times but the vast majority of Daytonians will be willing to grant her a second strike. Trust me when I say she will achieve very little. Look at her last three years and realize nothing new has really happened. Everything currently is carry over from the 2010 - 2014 administration. If you want her gone, along with two commissioners there is only one course of action. Get 5 to 8 people on the ballot to oppose each candidate. This is not about winning or holding the title. This is about creating an elimination process. The Dayton Commission and Mayor race is non partisan. Party affiliation should not come into play. Each candidate is required to live in Dayton and get 500 valid signatures from registered voters from Dayton in order to get on the primary ballot. This means that you need 750 to 800 signatures from Dayton voters in order to secure a ballot seat. Signatures must match those that there placed on the voter registration cards. They can not be printed. The primary is a run off election. The two highest vote getters go on to the general election. If the primary has many contestants the votes get diluted such that the incumbent could lose. This is what happened to me because people did not understand how the election works. So imagine what would happen if Scott Sliver, Daryl Fairchild, David Greer, David Esrati and I were to run in the primary against Nan Whaley. None of us wish to do this of course but look at how the votes would go across the board. Nan may not be one of the two highest vote getters and would become a lame duck mayor. In order to get 800 signatures you need to recruit ten people to get you 80 each or you get them yourself before February when it is cold outside. This will require knocking on 8000 doors over 80 hours in order to get 10 signatures per hour. The voter walking lists can be downloaded at Trust me when I say that I have done this enough times that this is the only way to ensure valid signatures and effective and efficient campaign strategy. If you have some money to invest, buy some door hangers to leave with those voters that were not at home stating who you are, what you are running for and that you will want their vote in the primary. This saves you having to come back to campaign the neighborhood that you sought signatures from. So, to make a difference because there are three seats up for grabs in 2017, 15 people or more have to step up and throw their hat in the ring. The worst case scenario is that you lose but have name recognition for future political campaigns. Again the goal is to overturn the current administration, not necessarily to win. I have proven three times that money does not gain votes. Do not focus on money. Focus on issues, publicity and grass roots campaigning. The incumbents will spend ridiculous amounts of money so they don't have to do this. That is why you should do it. If anyone is interested in this opportunity, message me back. I will be happy to get you petition forms and walk you through the process. I am not willing to do this at this time because I have personal things to take care of over the next two years but will be happy to educate anyone on the process in the hope that they can have a positive impact on Dayton.