Monday, February 29, 2016

Election Year Facts - From 1936

Eighty years ago there were no TV sets in peoples houses and no internet to feed you lies in an instant. Instead, people read things and listened to the radio. In today's political climate it seems that the mission of a political party is to stop the other side from doing anything that benefits the public. They use scare tactics and offensive negative advertising to sway your opinion. Facts and truth have little meaning any more. It used to be that the Democrats were challenged with helping the average working man achieve the American dream and the Republicans helped the average businessman to do the same. I found this old brochure from 1936. It is interesting because it lists issues and it appears that both parties are focused on solving those same issues. They just have slightly different ways to go about it. This was pretty much the way it was until the late 1960s and early 1970s when politics was no longer for business minded people who wanted to help the people. Instead it was about big money, a life long career at the tax payers expense and helping friends and family get what they want and not what the people need. Think about this as we vote in two weeks for who we would like to make decisions for us, and again in November when it REALLY will affect your future.

The last page explains the Electoral College in simple terms and tells you why we have an ass and an elephant as symbols. Enjoy!

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Brian West said...

It's interesting that both the Donkey and Elephant symbols were started as cartoons in 1874 Harper's Weekly issues.