Sunday, June 30, 2013

Wagnernomics 101

I wanted to post this sooner but I had to attend the U.S. Conference of Mayors in Nevada to receive an outstanding achievement award for the City of Daytons "Welcome Dayton" initiative. One of the most recognized accomplishments of my term in office that started when I attended a Priority Board meeting in May 2010. The initiative has cost the City little money and has got the most widespread publicity. I make this comment because I understand that money does not equal desired results.
That being said, let us look at A.J. Wagner's financial reports and compare them to Nan Whaley's spending which was reported in the previous post.

A.J. Wagner raised $9,520 of his $78,442 from outside the region. That is 12% of his total. However, like the other Democratic party candidate, he spent most of his campaign funds OUTSIDE the region. Of the $96,678 spent on his campaign in cash spending, $63,194 was spent with businesses located outside of the Dayton area. I consider Yellow Springs and Xenia to be inside the area but not Columbus or Washington D.C. That is a total of 65%. His "in kind" donations totaled $5,100 and that was all derived from local contributors.

I would like to remind people that my $2,056 spent was all inside the city. It was all in kind donations from my own pocket.

I can not endorse ANY candidate that spends other peoples money with reckless regard to the outcome. For Nan to spend $264,000 of other people's money so that she can earn an extra $6,000 in salary is ludicrous. For A.J. to spend $102,000 for a part time job (that can consume as many as 60 hours or more per week if you let it) just does not make sense. One should NEVER have to spend more than one years salary to get elected. (In this case that is $45,000.) Like I stated in my last post, this proves that party affiliated candidates can not beat me, the independent statesman, on a level playing field. They knew it and were not willing to level it. Yet it is the Democratic party that cries out for campaign finance reform when Republicans run against them. Food for thought.

Look at the contributions to each candidate and pay close attention to the spending. In the November election  YOU have to pick the lessor of two puppets in this case. I say puppets and not liars or evils because I do not believe either candidate is truly evil and neither have directly lied to me. However both owe favors to contributors and one, way more than the other. You want a Mayor who represents YOU. You want commissioners who represent YOU. Seriously look at the independent candidates for commission because I can no longer be that representative and vote for the lessor puppet for mayor because I know that I will have an open door to City Hall in that case.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Nanonomics 101

There are some good things about losing the primary election last month. I get to say things the way they are. Not being a candidate in this race, I can point things out without being perceived as making attacks on the other candidates.
Last September I issued a spending limit challenge for the Mayor's race. The limit was $10,000 cash and $10,000 "in kind" to known entities and $20,000 cash and $10,000 "in kind" for unknown candidates. Realize that the Mayor of Dayton is paid $45,000 for a part time job. I believe that in any election you should not have to spend more than one years salary to get elected. I was willing to spend less than that. It was a marketing ploy. Had the two challengers accepted then we would have all received national publicity and could have worked together to promote Dayton to the nation. It would have been the first time three politicians would have agreed to limit spending, level the playing field and win on our own merit without big money playing a part. Neither of the two Democratic candidates accepted the challenge. It proved to me that neither could win on a level playing field.

Nan Whaley won the primary. It is nothing to be proud of. She got 5027 votes. Mostly from party line Democrats. It cost her $264,000 to get those votes. Over $52.00 per vote. There are some statistics that you need to be aware of so that you can make an informed decision in November. I looked over her financial disclosure forms from end of year 2012 and the pre and post primary reports to determine how much money was contributed locally and how much was expended locally. After all, she totes how she supports the region and how she can help it grow.

285 donations out of 730 total were from outside the region. That is 39%. Of the $169,384 that those 730 people or entities contributed, $89,181 was from outside the region. That is 52.6%. Her "in kind" donations totaled $43,032 and of that, $42,592 came from outside the region. Mostly from Columbus, Ohio for a total of 98.9%.

Much of her money came from outside the state of Ohio. Some from Washington D.C. and some from New York. She held fundraising events in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and in Indiana. One should be asking why money for a non partisan local election needs to come from outside the region.

Now I think that it is great that she was able to bring over $89,000 to the local area from other places. It could be used to boost the local economy. However that was not the case. Of the $212,767 dollars that she spent on her campaign, $196,843 or 92.5% of the total was spent OUTSIDE the region!

This woman is not going to bring jobs to Dayton. She is not supporting local workers. She says she will but her actions speak louder than words. The unions are supporting her but she is NOT supporting them. If these numbers were other than they are I would be offering praise. Unfortunately they disgust me. You can view the reports for yourself here

By the way, I will analyze A.J. Wagner's reports next. I do not know what to expect at this time. As for me, I spent $2056 of my own money and got 2363 votes, that is 87 cents per vote. Nan and A.J. have a little over $3,000 each left after the carnage. I wonder how much each will be able to raise and spend before November.

Nan boasted to someone that I know that she "creamed" me in this election. I spent less than 1% of her total. The people being creamed are her donors and the people drinking her kool-aide. They are the real losers in this election because their ultimate disappointment will lead to anger.

In warfare this is called a Pyrrhic victory.   (A Pyrrhic victory is a victory with such a devastating cost that it carries the implication that another such victory will ultimately lead to defeat. Someone who wins a Pyrrhic victory has been victorious in some way; however, the heavy toll negates any sense of achievement or profit. A "Pyrrhic victory" can also mean a false or temporary victory where a win entails a loss subsequently or in the bigger picture.)

 Remember, Karma always wins in the end ........

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Primary? There was a primary?

What happened on May 7th? People didn't know that they should vote, that is what happened. For whatever reason, be it apathy, complacency or ignorance of process, people did not come out and vote on election day. The result was that I received only 2363 votes out of 9985 that were cast. That means that 7622 loyal, party line voting democrats came out to vote for the democratic party candidates. Some 5027 voted for Nan Whaley and 2595 voted for A.J. Wagner.

I personally know thirty people who supported me but did not vote. Some even had my signs in their yard! The assumption was by many that since I was the incumbent and an independent, that I would automatically be on the ballot for November. Some people even voted for the candidate that they wanted to run against me in November, not realizing that by doing so they were eliminating me in this run off election. There are a lot of things that I can fix but I can not fix this.

It is what it is and now there are a lot of angry people. People should be angry because angry people come out and vote. How do I feel? It is disappointing that people do not understand what just happened. I am sure many people just don't care. I am not bitter though. I have achieved more in less than 4 years than others have achieved in 20 years. I get to leave with my head held high and with a successful track record that is not marred by any controversy. What a legacy!

How can you help? It is imperative that no single party controls the city commission. If it does then bad things can get covered up. You have to vote for the two independent commission candidates. You have to vote for the two Davids (Just think of David vs. Goliath). Learn about them at and support them in any way you can. You must vote for these two men otherwise Dayton will be in trouble.

In my next few posts I will analyze the campaign spending so the citizens know what they are getting. It is not reassuring for the future of my city.