Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Telling the Voters Who is Most Important.

  I have a very limited budget for my entire campaign. Just $10,000 cash and $10,000 of "in kind" contributions. I have set aside $1,500 of my own money to get me through the primary on May 7th, 2013. I had to think what the most effective method would be to get a message out to the voters and had a talk with the other independent candidates about pooling resources to benefit the group. At this time, the Ohio Democratic Party endorsed candidate has spent $72,000, the "lifelong" Democratic Party candidate has spent $40,000. The former has done at least 6 mailings of which I have received 4 pieces and she has done at least 2 robo calls. I do not vote in all primary elections because I am independent and vote only on issues. If the candidate had done the research, she would not be wasting mailings on me because all go in the trash without being read. I have not received any robo calls yet but I hang up on those. She has paid some $27,000 for a TV commercial that reaches over 500,000 people in the region. 470,000 do not vote in Dayton elections.
The other candidate has put up a lot of billboards but they are hard to read and he "Respectfully asks for your vote" on May 7th. He may have done this after many of his signs disappeared from the right of way where it is not legal to place them anyway. Citizens do not like signs littering their neighborhoods.
I learned about losing signs four years ago and placed about 6 billboards as a result.
So what did we do that would make us stand out? I wrote a letter. What is more, I signed it along with David Esrati and David Greer. We didn't sign just one. We all signed over 6,000 of them. I looked at some statistics and realized that only around 11,000 people vote in primary elections in Dayton. That equates to around 6,000 households.
These letters are going out by hand or by mail to the 10,000 "super voters" that live in Dayton. We have taken the time to identify those people who vote in every election and tell them how important THEY are. No other candidates tell the voters how important they are in their campaign literature ..... Independent thinkers get it. Please check out the Independent candidates and make May 7th "Independents Day" in Dayton! Go to and learn about us, because we care.

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David Esrati said...

People are noticing the personal touch- and are getting overwhelmed with the Whaley mailings- and the tv. Hopefully- they realize that no one gets elected in the primary and that they can make a statement about campaign finance getting out of hand by voting independent.
We also put up a site together.
Thanks for being a true leader of the people Gary.