Thursday, May 2, 2013

More Things to Add.

 Last September I wrote an article for the Dayton City Paper listing 63 things that had happened since 2010. Well, it is up to 83 things now and increasing as I continue to remember some things that were done. I was asked to publish it again so here it is. Items with a * next to it were touched by me. That means that I initiated it, influenced it, inspired it or provided substantial information to someone to make it happen. I don't take credit. I just had a role to play.

Things from before 2010
Kroc Center Built
Three new bridges
5 New schools
Rec plex opened and two rec centers remodeled
Bike ways
Urban agriculture
Land Bank being organized
MVH Heart Hospital
RTA moved transfer station
Phoenix project
NCR left
10th most dying city in the U.S.

Things since 2010
GE Aviation*
UD Housing on Brown Street
UD acquisition of NCR
Charlie Simms Housing units – all sold in 12 months
Charlie Simms now adding 7 more units in Fairgrounds neighborhood
More housing in Downtown*
Traffic light at 2nd and Webster*
Kindred Hospital
Keye Ads relocated to Downtown*
Pop-Up Shops*
Immigrant Friendly initiative*
Solution developed regarding abuse of emergency services*
Mediation committee to proactively create dialogue with the community and asian owned retail businesses
Decrease in crime at the same time as a decrease in police.
Changes in Media reporting – DDN and Channel 2*
3 Year Union Contracts – all contracts previously were 1 yr.
Oregon district Rule of 17 resolved after 18 years.*
Panhandling was dealt with.*
Two consecutive years of budget surplus at City Hall*
More restaurants and coffee shops locating downtown*
New businesses opening on W. 3rd St. and Brown St.
Belmont Business association re established and district is growing*
New Hope Enclave Neighborhood group formed and issues resolved with MV Hospital*
East Dayton Business group starting to form
300% increase in recycling since 2009 and $0 cost to dispose*
Recycle lottery every month
Battery collections at city facilities*
Commission Agenda online viewable to the public BEFORE a meeting*
Emergency ordinances moved to a two part process*
Facebook likes grew from 1000 to 17,000*
Increase communication with the public through social media.*
Crime stats online*
Pay water bills and fines online*
Report crimes online when no suspect info is available*
Renewed entertainment at CHS in summer*
Riverscape Kayak Feature*
Revived the “Know Dayton Sell Dayton” program and proactively present to real estate offices*
Do it Yourself pilot for housing inspection*
Domestic Partner Registry*
Webster Street Outdoor Market*
Enterprising the Lime Kiln*
Developed more efficient tracking using RFID technology
Better Customer Service from City Hall*
Self Insured Health Insurance*
Municipal Employee Appreciation week then expanded to include the region.*
Occupy Dayton ended peacefully*
Goodwill Industries Expansion
NCAA First Four Festival
Community Police Relations council
Penn National Race Track
Parking lines on streets in South Park*
Increase in public art*
Building Permitting options to speed up process*
Grandview Hospital Expansion
Carillon Park improvements
Saint Anne's Hill co op brew pub fastest growing in the country*
Labelled most affordable city by Forbes in 2012
3rd best city in U.S. for increasing home prices 2012
2nd best mid sized city for the arts
Increase in population since the 2010 census and first positive population increase in 40 years*
Sold a city phone number for $$ and incentivized business to locate in Dayton.
Dayton Fashion Week
Dayton Revival Festival
Reuse of Memorial Hall for events
Credit card parking meters
Synergy Incubator Community Kitchen*
Citizen Participation overhaul*
Enterprising of Rec and Youth Services to generate revenue*
Better dialogue between City and County*
Better dialogue between City and School District*
Non profit mapping of service locations by United Way and helplink 211*
Port o jon behind city hall to reduce public urination*
Tire dumping enforcement*
Additional Fairgrounds neighborhood housing
Care-a-lot program*
Re evaluation of well field protection plan*
Arson signs on fire trucks*
Employee recognition at commission meetings*
Patterson Blvd. Way finding feature
Expansion of Goodwill
Student housing downtown*
Demolition of Appleton paper mill
Improved communication regarding REAP process*

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