Saturday, February 2, 2013

No Endorsements

I will not accept any endorsements during this campaign. I learned four years ago that endorsements are worthless unless they come with copious amounts of money or feet on the street. Most come with nothing more than an "ata boy!" and a pat on the back. However, I am not seeking tons of money, though feet on the street are always useful. Nine days ago I got a solicitation from AFSCME and have included it here. This really made me angry. A union is soliciting a candidate in a non-partisan local election to see if they want to endorse the candidate. To me that is so wrong. Shouldn't the candidates solicit the unions if they are so inclined? Anyway, based on previous experience, it is obvious they will endorse the Democratic Party candidate. That is what they do. Best thing they could do is not endorse at all and let their members vote as they choose. After all, it is a non-partisan election. I finally got some time today to read the form and guess what? It was due back two days ago! I am documenting this here because I know the union president will say that I didn't complete the form or show up for the interview so they couldn't endorse me. The truth is that I believe that if I can't win on my own merit then I don't deserve the position. I am also confident that I can win on my own merit and impressive track record. Anyone who needs endorsements or the support of a party in a non-partisan election lacks the confidence needed to do the job.

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