Friday, September 28, 2012

The Challenges

See this picture? This is the problem with our country right now, I am not happy with the way our two party system is acting out and unfortunately I believe that we are losing the respect of the rest of the world. I look at how much of other people's money is being wasted on pathetic negative advertising that has become absolutely ineffective because the general populace has become sick and tired of this behavior. If all that money were spent on education, small business development or health care we would ALL be better off. There are three ways to end the madness created by our politicians. One is to stop the gerrymandering of districts so that any political candidate is not guaranteed a seat for life. Two is to create a third, fourth or fifth party so that the majority parties court the centralist groups in order to get legislation passed and the third way is to limit campaign spending. I have often stated that ANY politician should not have to spend more than one years salary in order to get elected. After all, in government we are challenged to do the best with the budget that we have. Asking for more money without just cause should never be a solution.
Few people remember or are aware of the fact that I became mayor of the City of Dayton on just $17,600 and some $5000 worth of "in kind" services which most consisted of rent free office space and some printing services by a local business. The two parties believe that they have to win at "all costs" and trust me, it is costing dearly. I do not believe that I need to spend any where near that much money this time around. I certainly do not need to gain name recognition. So, let me lay down this challenge because I know full well the two parties will never issue the same. I will NOT spend more than $10,000 cash and $10,000 "in kind" to get re-elected and I challenge any KNOWN political challenger to match the same. I would offer ANY unknown candidate the limit of $20,000 cash and $10,000 "in kind" in the same race because that is still more than I spent against a two term incumbent, super delegate of the democratic party in a non - partisan local election. I am willing to level the playing field because I know that it is the right thing to do. Maybe it will send a message to our State and Federal Governments that "We the people" are no longer content to sit and watch our elected officials contribute to the demise of the greatest nation on Earth! So, here in Dayton, let the games begin and may the BEST CANDIDATE win!

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Well said!