Friday, July 6, 2012

Press Conference Speech Regarding Our Trip to Turkey

We are here to report about our fruitful trip to Turkey.

Within 7 hours of our arrival the purpose of our trip was being presented on Turkish national television on their version of the " Morning Show" called Yeni Gun. We met with the deputy prime minister of Turkey the vice minister of foreign affairs, the minister of internal affairs, the governor of Bursa province, mayors of Ankara, Bursa and the municipality of Buyukcekmece near Istanbul. We also met with the principle officers of the Ankara, Bursa and Istanbul chambers of commerce as well as the leaders of the business organization known as Musiad. The rectors of the of Gazi University, Mamara University and AREL University welcomed us as well as directors of numerous cultural organizations. We even met with the U.S. Consular General, Scott Kilner who indicated that our purpose was exactly what the White House was hoping to see happen regarding U.S./Turkey relations and we were not only doing something that was cutting edge but also ahead of the curve.
So, now that we are back I can describe what was accomplished in our intense week long trip. When we left Dayton we wanted to create a relationship with the Turkish government at many levels, as well as educational facilities and cultural organizations. I mentioned that we also met with three major chambers of commerce. We are coming back with two signed memorandums of understanding between the University of Dayton, Wright State University and both Marmara and ATEL Universities located in Istanbul.
This was an expeditionary trip designed to create opportunities at many levels. So, what else was achieved? What I can tell you is that the state of Bursa is interested in creating a sister state relationship with the state of Ohio. The Chambers of commerce in the cities of Ankara, Bursa and Istanbul are extremely eager to create business relations with the United States as is Musiad organization. Their chamber organizations are willing to offer us office space. We also learned that our very own Cargill Corporation already has a presence in Bursa.
The similarities between all three Turkish cities and Dayton are truly uncanny. We have the same types of business here as they do in each of the three major cities. The only real difference is that they have way more than we do here in Dayton because populations are significantly higher.
Now the work must begin. In order to facilitate international investment we, as a region must come together and create a fund to receive international guests in an appropriate manner. Our municipalities, learning institutions, medical facilities and economic development entities and even the State of Ohio should contribute equally so that we can receive guests from any country in a similar manner to how we were received in Turkey. While we were away our very own Dayton Development Coalition has been working on the EB-5 program which will still take some time to finalize. However, we have jump started the process by creating an interest in the country of Turkey. It is possible that we will see business people from that country wanting to experience Dayton as soon as September this year.
Why Turkey? Very simple. While America has the worlds largest economy, Turkey has the fastest growing economy. Here in Dayton the Ahiska population has more than doubled in two and a half years. Ten percent of the total Ahiska refugee population of the United States is right here in the heart of America. It only makes sense to encourage business relationships with their mother country since we already have a work force that speaks the native language making the transition for any Turkish business that much easier. I wish to thank the members of our Turkish Expeditionary Team ......

Joyce Sutton Cameron, Mayor of Trotwood, William Flaute, Mayor of Riverside, Lila Ivanovska, Robert Murray, Islom Shakhbandarov, Anthony Whitmore, Johnathon Metz, Joseph Saliba, Steven Foster, Khurshid Ahmad, Media Jyawook, Celal Shahin and Sonya Ulfanova.

I believe we would all admit that we have returned with great knowledge, greater understanding and fantastic opportunity. Thank you,

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