Monday, March 19, 2012

Keeping Up

It was always my intention to keep up regular posts on this sight but it seems that my time is extremely limited these days. My wife and I still home educate our daughter, the house repairs have slowed down tremendously but are still happening and this part time Mayor role still absorbs an average of 30 hours a week. In reality it is more, because whenever I am out in public, including grocery shopping, I am at work because people recognize me and want to talk.

The big event this past week was the visit to by two of the most powerful people in the free world. We had the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom arrive at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Air Force One as part of a diplomatic visit. The President wanted to take Prime Minister Cameron to the NCAA First Four basketball game on opening night at the University of Dayton Arena.

I was one of only six dignitaries invited to greet the pair as they exited the airplane. We had the Governor of Ohio, an Air force four star general, a three star general, a colonel, the mayor of Cincinnati and myself lined up to shake hands and make small talk with the two VIPs.
So everyone wants to know what we talked about. Not much I am afraid. I simply welcomed the pair to Dayton and acknowledged that they had arrived in excellent weather. I also stated that I hoped that they would enjoy the basketball game. The President made a comment about this being a good region to the Prime Minister who confessed to me that he had never been to see a basketball game before so this was a new experience for him.

Following this event I attended the Niagara Foundation Abrahamic Traditions dinner event at the Turkish American Society facility at 2601 E. Fourth St. I had committed to attending this event several weeks earlier and I am known in the community for keeping appointments that I commit to.

Some have criticized me for not going to the basket ball game with the president. Well, the truth is this. The White House could only secure a certain number of seats at the game for the visit, the secret service, students and the governor were invited. I was not provided a ticket. So I certainly did not brush off the President. The citizens at the dinner event certainly did not expect me to show up, but I did as promised. The citizens of Dayton employ me. Not the White House.

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