Thursday, December 22, 2011

Does the Media Hype Homicides?

I was just interviewed by Don Hammond from Fox 45 as a follow up to my statement last Friday where I made a comment on TV. That comment was "The only reason people are afraid to come out is because the media hypes homicides."

You can access Dayton crime statistics here and they clearly show that the overall trend in crime is down. I have never interviewed with Don Hammond before and I can honestly say that I won't interview with him again. Here is why. Mr. Hammond started the interview very well by asking me some decent questions about other subjects. He then wanted me to discuss crime statistics. Then he went into intimidation mode. He pressed me on my statement above and his body language became more aggressive. I remained calm for much of the interview but he would not back down. Making statements like "You said the ONLY reason people don't come out is because the MEDIA hypes homicides." Mr. Hammond wouldn't accept my answers, especially when I stood by my original statement. He badgered me because he wanted one of two reactions. To back peddle and admit that I was wrong or to do as I did so he could get some excellent footage. He did get some excellent footage because I finally got disgusted with his interview tactics and walked off. I suspect this will make an intersting story on tonight's news because there are a lot of excellent sound bytes. I'll bet they will start the story with the ending footage and even hype their interview with the mayor so that they get better ratings. However, unless you view the unedited interview in it's entirety you are not getting the story told fairly and accurately. So I am challenging Fox 45 to show this interview entirely if they wish to run this story! After all "Fair and Accurate" is how Mr. Hammond stated that he reports the news.

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