Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Old Tricks?

Our local newspaper has supposedly changed how they report news. I was excited when this was announced and felt that if they can maintain the new approach over a long period of time, it would be good for the entire region. I was told by some of their staff that they would no longer endorse candidates or pick sides when it came to non-partisan races. Today, they printed a story that was factual but it is very one sided, and barely "newsworthy." The story is about one of the independent candidates running for city commission. You can read it HERE

Mr. Pace announced two years ago that he would be running for city commission. He has never hidden that fact and has been aggressive in his fund raising efforts for the last two years. I would like to add an element to this story that the newspaper has failed to report. The amazing thing that was not reported was how an African American was able to set up his own production company in downtown Dayton which employed several people and generated over $400,000 a year without receiving a dime from the city or any government agency. Between 2002 and 2009 over two thirds of his advertisers and sponsors either went out of business or moved out of the city. His personal income plummeted but he managed to stay in business and only owe $2000 in state income tax. With regards to the foreclosure issue, Mr. Pace has first-hand dealings with an issue that millions of Americans have experienced, and he also understands issues dealing with unresponsive banks.

So the real questions that need to be asked are these; Why did the paper publish this story less than a week before the election when the information has always been available on the public record. Some of it for over two decades. Is this really a news story? The debates are all over and Mr. Pace has no way to rebut this story. The other question to ask is; What is the relationship between the journalist who wrote the story and one of the incumbent commission candidates up for re-election?
To me this reeks of the same old, same old that must be changed. Whether this was intentional or not it sends a bad message. It sends a message that reporting is back to business as usual at the local paper and that one political party is up to the same old lame tricks that everyone is sick and tired of. If this was intentional, shame on you DDN. If it wasn't then open your eyes and see what it is that you do to ruin yourself.


1916home said...

Short and to the point here...

#1 - a person who brings in $400k a year does not get foreclosed on unless they are living WAY beyond their means.

#2 - bankruptcy once should be embarrassing enough, but if it happens 3, 4, or 5 times? He is not learning any lessons at this point and just playing the system.

Ive worked HARD to keep my home. Its dropped from $550k to $250k. I make my payments on time. I have not missed one. My taxes are ridiculous. I have had no help (nor do I want any). Ive found ways to make $100 here or $100 there. Whatever it takes to pay my utilities and mortgage. Ive changed my living habits to save and live frugally.

Apparently, Mr Pace hasnt set any pace for himself yet like the rest of us have been forced to do.

Gary said...

Some people take longer to learn lessons. Here is a link to a list of famous people who have filed bankruptcy. I think their stories are more newsworthy than this one.

Anonymous said...

William Pace has left a trail of bad blood all over Dayton as a slum lord, a welcher on debts, and as a totally ridiculous lounge singer.

Why the Mayor ties his boat to this man who was apparently hatched from a John Waters movie, we'll never understand.