Thursday, February 3, 2011

Good News About the Region - GROWTH OF THE DAYTON REGION

Information provided by David McDonald Author of "Saving America's Cities"

Between the year 2000 and the end of 2008, the Dayton Region grew by 1.8%. That, on the surface, may not be significantly high growth, but if you take into account that over this nine year period the Dayton Region has been divesting itself of the last remaining remnants of its old industrialized base (along with several Fortune 500 companies) this is outstanding growth. Now that we are all but complete with the "removal of the old" our growth rate should start to soar. In the past, too much notoriety has been given to a few high profile departures from the Region and not enough attention given to all the small companies that have located in our region – offsetting, and then some, the publicized losses. Montgomery County is one of the few counties in the region that is losing population, but the region, as a whole, brings up Montgomery County. The Austin Road interchange projects over the next five years should bring Montgomery County back into the positive growth category. Currently there are in excess of 34,000 businesses in the Dayton Region. To put this 1.8% growth rate into perspective, look at the growth rates of the following Ohio MSA’s over the same nine year period:


Cleveland - 2.7%
Lima - 2.8%
Mansfield - 2.7%
Toledo - 1.0%
Cincinnati + 5.7%
Youngstown - 4.8%
Akron + .6%
Columbus + 9.8%

There is already significant talk in Cincinnati of the merging of the Cincinnati and Dayton Regions. This is taking place and it will foster continued and escalating growth in our Region.

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