Thursday, February 3, 2011

Good News About the Region - THE DAYTON REGION’S 600 MILE RING

Information provided by David McDonald Author of "Saving America's Cities"

Within 600 miles of Dayton are approximately 52% of the population of the US. (Note: If you count that part of the 600 mile ring that encompasses Toronto and the surrounding Canadian area, you technically come up to what would amount to 56% of a US population total.)
Florida, Texas and California account for approximately 30% of the US population. However, these states are too geographically disperse to be of any real significance to a corporation looking for a headquarters from which they can grow their business by expanding out in relatively nice, neat concentric circles – which most companies ideally want to do.
That only leaves 18% of the US population in all the rest of our states.
If you move the center point of the 600 mile ring 100 miles north, south, east or west, you lose population in all directions.

The Dayton Region is right in the middle of the vast majority of the population in the US, and therefore is one of the absolute best places you could find to build and grow a business. Note: I recently read a statement that within 500 miles of the Dayton Region were 60% of the population in the US. I recalculated my numbers to make sure I was not missing something. My numbers are approximately correct 52% within 600 miles).

Interesting statistic: If you go 250 miles east or south of Atlanta, you are in the Atlantic Ocean. Go 600 miles southwest and you are into water moccasins. Go 600 miles west, and you are getting into prairie dog territory. Go 600 miles north and you are right back in the Dayton Region.

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