Friday, November 26, 2010

Another Hatchet Job by the Dayton Daily News - Proof that they make up stories!

Today the DDN (Dayton Daily News) printed a story that is a complete load of lies and fabrication. You can read it here;

They followed up with a second article which is about to make them look equally as silly.

The DDN has limited space to write a story and create controversy. On this blog I have unlimited space to publish the TRUTH.

The following is a draft of the letter sent by the co-chairs to my Leadership Council in early October.

Good Morning All:

We want to thank you for your participation in the Mayor’s Leadership Council. As with any new organization, the form and substance at the beginning is very likely to change over time. Thanks largely to your participation and input, we have crafted a go forward plan for the MLC.

In order to make the Mayor’s leadership Council more effective and meaningful to the membership and the Mayor, we will change the structure and timing of the meetings. Going forward, we will meet three times a year - the third Wednesday of January, May and September. Each meeting will last 1.5 hours. An agenda will be sent out to the entire group two weeks in advance. At this point, the members will be asked to submit specific agenda items they would like to address.

The meetings will be opened by comments from Mayor Leitzell, after which there will be a report by Jeff Samuelson, David McDonald and other members of the council who have submitted their topics in advance. This will keep the meetings relevant and timely. When advance notice topics have been addressed, the meetings will be opened to questions and concerns from the group. To begin with, we will allow four minutes per question till we see how our time goes. We will have the ability to call special meetings should the need arise.

Mayor Leitzell continues to encourage other groups to assist the city, and as a result has formed a group of eight members (lawyers, accountants, past city officials and developers) for a specific focus on economic development. This will be the mayor’s Economic Development Task Force.

The reporter spoke with several members of the council and myself. I have no clue how he concluded that the group was being disbanded. He had a copy of this letter. I did tell him that I felt that his paper tends to write spin on gossip and they should be in the business of reporting fair and accurate news. He objected to my opinion. The proof is in the pudding though and today's article is absolute proof that our newspaper makes up stories.

Several things are wrong in the stories and can be clarified. The group was not formed until March. The article reports January, two weeks after being sworn in. The week in January that is stated, I was at the U.S. Conference of Mayors in Washington D.C. So this is total fabrication. It states that some were concerned that I did not attend the meetings. The meetings were held on Wednesdays. It was known to many that I attend social events with my daughter on Wednesday morning and afternoons including a gym session at the YMCA. I had been doing such for many years. Besides that, both co-chairs are extremely capable people and I trust them to do what they need to do to move Dayton forward. I didn't need to be present at the meetings. I learned a long time ago that you gain greater authority by giving some up.

This quote by the paper

"Leitzell, a Republican-endorsed independent, is using the council to try to supplant his weak position on the Democrat-dominated City Commission to push his economic development agenda. All four commissioners are Democrats."

Is so far off that I think it deserves it's very own post - later.

The one article states that I felt "slighted" that I wasn't asked to comment at the press conference announcing that General Electric has chosen Dayton as a location for a $51 million investment. It is not true. I was surprised that they did not ask a county commissioner or myself to speak. Ted Strickland (Governor of Ohio)and Michael Turner (Congressman) were there and are certainly best qualified to do the talking. My only role was sending an email to the President of the University of Dayton on April 1, 2010 which is the day the story broke, from my office PC (public record) that simply stated


Should we plant a seed with GE that they need a satellite either at UDRI or Techtown so we can capture some of the $51 million they plan to invest regionally, within the corporation limits of Dayton? Just a thought ..... see article below."

He replied two days later stating


Last week, we have started to look into this and will keep you updated."

I won't take credit for making it happen because credit should go to all of those who did the work. I would like people to know that I was on top of this news from the beginning though. Of course you won't read about this story in the local paper or the one about this same reporter apologising to me for not understanding the full scope of my roofing project after taking a walk around my property. The DDN wants to create controversy but not hold themselves accountable for the creation of news.
This was another "non-story" because committees and councils reorganize all the time. This action was no different. It will probably cause them to lose a few more subscribers .....


Anonymous said...

You mean they have subscribers other than about 100 blue hairs at 10 Wilmington Place? said...

uh, pretty typical. Some time ago there was site dedicated to all the articles the DDN has bungled over the last few years. This would make a good addition to that site :-)

Hall said...

It's a shame that the DDN does this and sadly, their version is what the vast majority if people will see. Your version here at your blog will not change much... Can't you get the members if this "council" to comment or defend things?

Regarding your attendence at meetings, either change from a Wednesday or change your "family" schedule. With only 3 meetings a year, you have no excuse for missing them.