Saturday, February 27, 2010

Subtle Changes

Long time since I posted!
I am making subtle changes to the blog layout. You will see the word "Elect" disappearing as well as the word "For". That being said, there have been some subtle changes at city hall in the last 60 days. None of which required the vote of the commission. Our entire commission agenda is being posted online on the Monday BEFORE our commission meetings. These documents include the contracts as well as the legislation. For the first time you are able to view the entire package of information that the other commissioners and myself are expected to read every week before we vote at a Wednesday commission meeting.

You can visit and click on "Commission Meeting Agendas" under the heading "Popular Requests" and review the current year and month.

I have been very busy for the last two months but things are beginning to level off and I am able to move in a direction that I feel we need to move towards now that most of the people of influence have met me or heard me speak in public. I believe a few are still in shock but I don't get the sense that anyone is disappointed.

Other things have been initiated behind the scenes. They are somewhat small but will have an impact in the future. If I get some time I will document them here.

I have to figure out the best way to utilize this blog and my web pages. That may take a little while. I suspect that I will create new sights for my URL but will keep the original pages and posts available at the sight for those political science students that I suspect will be studying my campaign over the next two years.

Several candidates running in elections this year have already consulted with me for ideas and advice on how to run an unconventional style of campaign.

"The times, they are a changing."

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