Friday, December 18, 2009

Coming Up for Air

It has been a while since I have posted here. The reason for the lack of posts is simply that I have become very busy all of a sudden. My email has increased tremendously since November 3rd and the number of phone calls at the house has gone up as well. I am fending off dozens of meeting requests and appearance requests and I am already booking things in February 2010. I should count just how many business cards I have been handed in the last six weeks. The media, who wouldn’t give me any coverage before the election has been interviewing me and so far the coverage has been upbeat and positive. I have attended every commission meeting, budget meeting and work session since November 3rd as well as additional meetings with staff at city hall. I am not officially sworn in and on the public payroll until January 4th.

Some amusing information. I had 1000 “Elect Gary Leitzell” signs produced but only 132 have been collected from public right-of-ways and returned. I had 200 “Had Enough” signs made and 91 of those have been returned.

Other interesting information; the after election financial statements show that the incumbent mayor spent $134,000 and utilized $66,000 of “in kind” donations for her campaign. I spent around $17,000 and had about $5000 of “in kind” donations, half of which was office space. The rest was primarily printing of newspaper inserts and getting 30,000 post it notes at cost.

The old myth of needing a political party to back you and a boatload of money in order to win a mayor’s race in Dayton has been dispelled for the time being.

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David Esrati said...

Thanks for the update. Good to see you at the Citizens 4 change meeting today. I wrote about it here:
It's amazing how many new friends you have after winning.
I still have my same old ones :-)