Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Huge Thank You

I would like to thank all the citizens of Dayton, not just the ones who voted for me. Without you we would not be the unique city that we are. We must all work together to move Dayton in a positive direction.
I also want to thank the following people who were part of my campaign. Without them and the support of their families, our victory would not have been possible.

Larry Collins, Aaron Gibson, David McDonald, Jeff Wellbaum, Daniel Kennedy, William Pace, Bob Cochran, Bob Snyder, Judy Snyder, Eric Tackett, Hal McKinney, Jason Webber, Ray Mitchell, Alan Rinzler, Will Brooks, John Hyer, Matt Moore, Leslie Sheward, Jacquelyne Patterson, Andrew Stacy, Jules Opperman of Dolcessa, Joshua Pettis, David Sparks, Vanessa Farley Penick, Michael Brandt, Maria Brandt, Leah Stults, Rhonda Horn, Ben Abernethy, Sarah Abernethy, Richard James Gilbertson Jr, Ron Browning, Cyndi Dwyer Parsons, Andy Ingram, Brian Reinicke, Theresa Horvath, Mark Morris, Deb Harris, Luong Van Vo, Larry Hickland, Aimee Burns, Judith Magnus, Brian Young, Rev. Greg Weis, Dorothy Richardson, Brooks Hartzell, Paul Harris, David Esrati, Nathan Fultz, Karen Barton, Larry Hickland, Joe Ellis of Uno's Chicago Grill, Bill Daniels of the Pizza Factory, Joe Moore, Craig Grossman, Katheryn Schierloh, John Weis, Keith Rihm, Alicia Scott-Bey, Donna Green, Mary Ann Schroder, Mike Malinovsky, and all those who have helped behind the scenes.


Unknown said...

No, Gary- thank you.
Remember, according to David Bohardt and many others- she couldn't be beat.
At least you had the guts to put yourself out there.
Without you, we wouldn't have had a choice.
I also, must thank everyone of your volunteers, because without them, I would have had a hard time distributing 10,000 door hangers and 10,000 business cards. Let's just say 9 out of 10 who got them, voted for me :-)
Just like everyone Gary meets who now says they voted for him.
And- I may have many faults as so many have pointed out, but- I do realize that unless you want to be kicked out of "this old crack house"- you better add Mrs. Mayor Elect to that list, pronto asap

Will Brooks said...


You are very welcome! It was an honor to give what I had available as we moved along. Please don't hesitate to call on Nancy and I should you need even the slightest thing. That door is always open.



MM said...

It was honor and a privilage to help you. After a week I still can't stop smiling at your victory.

Retter Hofbesitzer said...

Can't vote in Dayton, but as a lifelong Miami Valley resident, I sure am happy we have a mayor in the core city with something other than hats on his head.