Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Dedication

Now that the election is over I would like to dedicate the following song to the Montgomery County Democratic Party. Dayton got exactly what it needs.
They will understand the humor.

Song Lyrics


Roger said...

Oh, seriously, Gary. Grow up.

David Esrati said...

Very funny Gary-
but, it's not nice to kick someone when they are down.
Now to make sure they stay down, it's time to reinvent the way we deliver candidates and their message: Introducing "The Dayton Process"
It's time to take the money and the soundbytes out of politics.

Will Brooks said...

I'll say it again here. You ate the dem party's garbage for months, ran an honorable campaign based on relevant issues. You owe it to yourself to hit em back at least once. I thought it was funny and well deserved. By the way, after the victory party, my son is till going around saying "go Gary go!" Congrats again Gary.

John-Philip said...

lol, Thank you, Gary!

Mike said...

And you do know you have to work with 4 other democrats, right? That you are one vote out of five. Grow up.

MM said...

Good one Gary! After all the Dems crap and lies you deserve this one.Get used to it sore losers.