Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Huge Thank You

I would like to thank all the citizens of Dayton, not just the ones who voted for me. Without you we would not be the unique city that we are. We must all work together to move Dayton in a positive direction.
I also want to thank the following people who were part of my campaign. Without them and the support of their families, our victory would not have been possible.

Larry Collins, Aaron Gibson, David McDonald, Jeff Wellbaum, Daniel Kennedy, William Pace, Bob Cochran, Bob Snyder, Judy Snyder, Eric Tackett, Hal McKinney, Jason Webber, Ray Mitchell, Alan Rinzler, Will Brooks, John Hyer, Matt Moore, Leslie Sheward, Jacquelyne Patterson, Andrew Stacy, Jules Opperman of Dolcessa, Joshua Pettis, David Sparks, Vanessa Farley Penick, Michael Brandt, Maria Brandt, Leah Stults, Rhonda Horn, Ben Abernethy, Sarah Abernethy, Richard James Gilbertson Jr, Ron Browning, Cyndi Dwyer Parsons, Andy Ingram, Brian Reinicke, Theresa Horvath, Mark Morris, Deb Harris, Luong Van Vo, Larry Hickland, Aimee Burns, Judith Magnus, Brian Young, Rev. Greg Weis, Dorothy Richardson, Brooks Hartzell, Paul Harris, David Esrati, Nathan Fultz, Karen Barton, Larry Hickland, Joe Ellis of Uno's Chicago Grill, Bill Daniels of the Pizza Factory, Joe Moore, Craig Grossman, Katheryn Schierloh, John Weis, Keith Rihm, Alicia Scott-Bey, Donna Green, Mary Ann Schroder, Mike Malinovsky, and all those who have helped behind the scenes.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Dedication

Now that the election is over I would like to dedicate the following song to the Montgomery County Democratic Party. Dayton got exactly what it needs.
They will understand the humor.

Song Lyrics

Monday, November 2, 2009

Montgomery County Democrats Spread Hate

Latest smear campaign mail was targeted to west side voters and quotes me as saying "I'm not racist. I am prejudice though." Which is a comment from a forum discussion where I go on to state "I have no tolerance for lazy people. Not all lazy people. If you are lazy, admit it and like your lifestyle and don't complain, you are fine in my books. You are responsibly lazy. If you are lazy, don't admit it to yourself, complain about why you should be entitled or privileged and think others should take care of you then I have a problem."

If anyone can send me a picture of this piece of mail I would appreciate it so that I can post it here. The incumbent is totally desperate if they have to paint me as a racist. All I have ever tried to do is unite this city.

"Stop Hatin Dayton" must begin with Rhine McLin! She has FAILED to unite this city and perpetrates HATRED by allowing stuff like this to continue!


Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Campaign Spending - Keeping it Local

I have raised about $17,000 at this point and we are still raising money at this late date to run radio ads. Most of the money has been spent. What did I spend money on?

The first thing I had to do is produce a literature piece that we could use for the entire campaign. One that was "timeless" and of the utmost quality. I used local printers for these. I was able to get excellent rates with two companies. Total cost of 20,000 pieces was right around $1,200.

Next were the blue and white signs. Since I never had sufficient funds early on, I cut a deal with the Northridge Sign Shop. I would buy 1000 signs but I would have to have them produced 200 at a time. Since the signs were screen printed locally we could maintain a steady flow of signs throughout the campaign. I couldn't keep them in stock. Demand actually exceeded supply. That is why there are fewer Leitzell signs in right-of-ways. Most went to property owners. Each sign cost $3.50 which is more than the incumbent paid for her signs but, mine were better quality and it showed. They also have better longevity.

Facebook advertising has cost about $300 so far. I have been running a small ad since August. It has directed over 500 people to the website and had over 1 million impressions on 125,000 potential voters.

I used a small local minority business owner for fundraising activities and since the "William Pace Company" had an advertising agency, I also used it for all of my advertising. The agency was able to secure six billboard locations through "Lamar" at short notice and we rolled them out weekly as funds permitted. Mr. Pace was also able to book 4 advertisements in the Dayton Weekly News costing a total of $600 as well as 5,000 inserts in the same paper for another $500. These inserts were extended to the Dayton Daily News on Sunday. The 26,000 inserts cost around $1,200. Radio ads have been booked at several local radio stations and are running currently. The total cost layout for all radio and last minute advertising is currently $2,900.

The "Had Enough?" signs were a last minute stealth tactic to cause a reaction with the incumbents army of party supporters. They cost $4.00 each. I was able to scrounge up some metal bases that were donated to the cause. 200 of these were made and they caused a local phenomina when all the "McLin" signs got moved away from them or rearranged so that her signs were placed at the center of abutting "Nan" or "Joey" signs. We looked at this arrangement and flanked the lot of them!

I have "HAD ENOUGH" of party politics as usual. It is time for new LEADERSHIP in Dayton.