Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wasteful Spending.

The way people are running city hall is reflected in how they run their campaigns to get elected. The incumbent mayor has already had eight years to get her seeds to take root and now she asks for four more. She should be reaping what she planted all those years ago. Unless of course she planted nothing. The incumbent has already spent over $84,000 in an effort to get re-elected for a part time position. That is twice as much as the average city employee makes in a year and four times the income of the average person living in Dayton. Realize that the flaw has been that she has made this election all about her and not about what the citizens want. Government is not about the people in power. It is about the people who put them in power. We are only days away from the election. I am confident that I have a very good chance to break the machine that I am up against. Thousands of people talking to me on the streets can't be wrong. Management pay raises at a time of economic turmoil can't help.

What has she spent the money on? Here are some of the things

Ohio Democratic Party for mailings - $68,530 this money was paid to the party in Columbus and the printing was done outside the region that she claims to be supportive of. Understand that the "party" does such a huge amount of mailing that the rate per piece is at the lowest rate. The funds could have been paid to the Montgomery County Democratic Party. It would have looked better. Money raised for a Dayton election should be used in Dayton.

Make up stylist for TV debate - $150 The stylist is from West Chester Ohio. She couldn't find a stylist from Dayton?

Signs - $3684 to a company in Logan Ohio. We have places in Dayton area that could have facilitated this.

Printing - $2226 to a company in Bedford Heights, Ohio. We have many printers in the Dayton area.

Advertising - $400 Dayton weekly news. Best thing she has done for a Dayton business the entire campaign. I have used this fine paper to advertise in. I paid them more money and I paid them weeks in advance.

Next up I will discuss how I kept my $16,000 local.

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Anonymous said...

I see this as part of McLins failure as a leader of my city.