Thursday, October 8, 2009

"Get Off of My Cloud"

A comment was left on the previous post. See below.

Here is the person behind the Democratic Party smear site. Name Daniel Klco. If you feel inclined, send him your thoughts. It is a pretty sad site. Pathetic really.

Check out his personal blog. It is way better than the smear site. Leave him a comment since you can't leave one on the Democratic Party site. He could use the publicity.

"the owner of this domain's Linkedin page is

He is a pretty active democrat, as you can see

And has awfully big words concerning the Dayton election, coming from someone who lives in Kettering. "


Cyndi said...

Wait, he doesn't even LIVE in Dayton? How does he even get a say in what happens???

This just pisses me off.

Hall said...

Why stoop to his level ? And don't bother posting comments on his personal site as he'll just delete them. He has nothing better to do than pick apart something you say and make it some sort of horrible idea (to him).

Will B. said...

@Hall...I do understand where you are coming from. I can sum it up in one word: accountability.

Hall said...

On Sept 25, Gary mentions "negative" campaigning and McLin said she won't do it. Heh, far as I can tell, there's NO campaigning but that's neither here nor there. Anyway, she should be "asked" about this and how she feels about it. If it were a personal site, she can simply say "people can voice their opinions" and she's right, but in this case, the site is effectively a party (Democrats) outlet and with her standing in the local party, she can do something. Will she ?

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Daniel Klco run for mayor if he thinks he can do a better job. Oh yeah, because he doesn't even live in Dayton. What a douche. He needs to STFU.

Gerald said...

Slam dunk at the DDN forum Gary! I enjoyed listening to your coherent and rational proposed solutions for Dayton.

I thought your strongest argument was that businesses will take care of economic growth on their own if the city deregulates and gets out of the way.

I really wish there were more televised debates, because McLin's ability to answer questions straightforwardly pales in comparison to yours.

I don't live in Dayton, I just work there. I'm sorry I can't cast a vote for you.