Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dayton Daily News endorses Incumbent

The Dayton Daily News has endorsed the incumbent mayor. This was expected because it is the political party thing to do. Though if I were the current mayor, I wouldn't call it an endorsement. I think she got a pretty bad review compared to me. Read the comments, they are very telling about how people feel about incumbents.
I sent a rebuttal to the paper in order to clarify a few things. I will post it here shortly.

My rebuttal had to be edited down to 500 words. I will post the full length version after the condensed version is published on Thursday. It is much more effective. In the meantime click the link to the right that says "Resume". It is below the image that says "Contact". Since the DDN and the Ohio Democratic Party say that I have no experience I have chosen to make it available. I am not an experienced politician. Of that charge, I am guilty. I AM an experienced problem solver. Many of the problems that I have had to solve recently were in fact initiated by a lack vision on behalf of our city government. It is time to put the vision back!

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Will Brooks said...

Maybe we should have a residency rule for newspapers?

I am so tired of people in our suburbs, (suburbs that wouldn't exist without Dayton) people who have excluding themselves by where they live, from contributing in a positive way to make Dayton a better city. Instead of helping, many of them like to bash Dayton for it's problems. Now we have jackals like Martin Gottlieb, and others, attempting to marginalize those who would endeavor to change things for the better. I find it revolting.

So we have these "outsiders" weighing in on Dayton's politics that will have a direct affect on people who LIVE in Dayton, like me. Their choice of residence disqualifies them from having any relevant input and seems to make obvious their agenda of promoting their parties incumbents. I believe you hit the nail on the head when you stated "political party machine that they are expected to support".

So much for objective, unbiased journalism. To me, their editorial opinion's are nothing more than diatribes and insignificant ramblings that are symptomatic of the yellow journalism that plagues our local news outlets all the while contributing to Dayton's tarnish.