Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Beating a Dead Horse

The Ohio Democratic Party is at it again with the smear mailings. They hammer on the same lame points that they have hammered on for the entire month of October. This makes a total of eight mailings for the incumbent mayor and quite honestly I could have found a better use for the $80,000 it must have cost her. Five of the eight pieces mention me by name and the last two it seems were both mailed to the same people who got them on the same day. Both are so similar that my guess is one never got read. They have already put people off who were undecided who to vote for. This was an ineffective waste of money. Let me tell you why.

The democratic party machine is so scared that their political icon is going to lose because their polls told them that. I told the press months ago that as a strategy, the incumbent would have to go negative on me and they are going to have to get really dirty. They would do this in order to cause me to react in the traditional manner that political campaigns take. They want me to go negative. However, my going negative would sour voters on both sides and people wouldn't come out to vote for either mayor candidate. That is what the democratic party wants. They don't want you to vote. It is the only strategy they have because they are running this like a typical campaign.

When you mail things out that are negative about the alternative candidate you need to be certain that everyone knows that candidates name. If you have little or no name recognition like me you are wasting your effort because you are telling people that I am not able to reach (due to lack of resources)that they have a choice on election day. In effect, you are helping to promote the other candidate (me) by telling people lies. 60% of the incumbents mailings have been focused on me. 25% have been focused solely on me. If you focus on the positive aspects of your candidate and not the negatives of the alternative you demonstrate that your candidate has merit. Unless of course there is nothing positive to focus on.

Our civic leaders claim that they want to groom leadership from the community. When a citizen finally rises up to the occasion, they gang up and try relentlessly to beat you into submission. Way to go civic leaders of Dayton! I am not your typical political candidate. It is time to groom new leadership in Dayton and lots of it.

From a marketing point of view, the Ohio Democratic Party has helped me incredibly. I have no money for mailings. I can't reach every voter. I don't need to. The democratic party has done it for me!

I would like to thank the Ohio Democratic party for their support during this election season. I couldn't have contacted everyone without you!

Here are the results of the Dayton Daily News Poll regarding this negative mailing as of Thursday October 29th at 2:30 PM


What do you think of the Ohio Democratic Party's campaign mailer against Gary Leitzell?

Fair 66 19.41%

Unfair 246 72.35%

Don't know 6 1.76%

Don't care 22 6.47%

Wasteful Spending.

The way people are running city hall is reflected in how they run their campaigns to get elected. The incumbent mayor has already had eight years to get her seeds to take root and now she asks for four more. She should be reaping what she planted all those years ago. Unless of course she planted nothing. The incumbent has already spent over $84,000 in an effort to get re-elected for a part time position. That is twice as much as the average city employee makes in a year and four times the income of the average person living in Dayton. Realize that the flaw has been that she has made this election all about her and not about what the citizens want. Government is not about the people in power. It is about the people who put them in power. We are only days away from the election. I am confident that I have a very good chance to break the machine that I am up against. Thousands of people talking to me on the streets can't be wrong. Management pay raises at a time of economic turmoil can't help.

What has she spent the money on? Here are some of the things

Ohio Democratic Party for mailings - $68,530 this money was paid to the party in Columbus and the printing was done outside the region that she claims to be supportive of. Understand that the "party" does such a huge amount of mailing that the rate per piece is at the lowest rate. The funds could have been paid to the Montgomery County Democratic Party. It would have looked better. Money raised for a Dayton election should be used in Dayton.

Make up stylist for TV debate - $150 The stylist is from West Chester Ohio. She couldn't find a stylist from Dayton?

Signs - $3684 to a company in Logan Ohio. We have places in Dayton area that could have facilitated this.

Printing - $2226 to a company in Bedford Heights, Ohio. We have many printers in the Dayton area.

Advertising - $400 Dayton weekly news. Best thing she has done for a Dayton business the entire campaign. I have used this fine paper to advertise in. I paid them more money and I paid them weeks in advance.

Next up I will discuss how I kept my $16,000 local.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Another Persons View of the DDN Endorsement.

Received this today. I was asked if I could post it.

We wholeheartedly agree with the DDN that Rhine Mclin is lacking as a spokesperson for the people of Dayton. The view that she does not have the political reflexes of previous mayors is obvious also. The observance that she is not viewed as a force "in the room" or in the wider community is a fact not in dispute. The belief that she is not a born leader is backed up by her lack of performance as mayor.

The DDN correctly notes that she is not an innovator. The DDN has astutely noted that when others around her prep her and convince her about a decision, she has enough sense to follow their direction. The implication is that her grasp of her own inabilities is a favorable job qualification. The DDN's observation that she would be better suited in a different job is not a statement to quibble with. We will assume that the DDN has assessed correctly that she enjoyed previous easier jobs and likes having choices. We have the same desire.

DDN judges that having a strong city manager form of government is serving the city well now. It follows that the alternative, having more power in the hand of Rhine Mclin would be a detriment. We agree. Ms. Mclin’s acknowledgment that others around her are more competent to make decisions seems to be her highest job qualification. Our conversations with those around her overwhelmingly agree with the competency assessment.

Things would be worse in Dayton except for the competency of the non-elected officials who the DDN views as saving us from the current elected officials. The DDN’s evaluation of the five city commissioners, including the mayor, as "mostly unimpressive", wisely refrains from trying to point out any exceptions. We will accept their appraisal.

This endorsement contains a minor reference to "her foibles". Left unsaid is just what character failings they wish to keep unilluminated. In fact, this critique of Ms. Mclin has so many backhanded compliments it takes quite a bit of sifting and sorting to find any unqualified positives. They can’t go so far as to say that she is "astute", without referring to the many people that think she is not. We assume that the DDN has gathered this information from those in her close proximity.
The DDN opinion that Ms. Mclin’s painting of Dayton’s bright future as fantasy, is on the mark. The DDN notes that Ms. Mclin understands that closed, antiquated factories are a thing of the past. We are not sure just how quickly she came to this insight. The DDN is confident that as the situation deteriorates in the city of Dayton, Ms. Mclin will communicate this to the people, in her aforementioned deficient manor. We share this confidence.

We will defer to the DDN appraisal of Ms. Mclin’s off-camera wittiness. Though she does not attribute to wittiness, her on-air statements about these times being a "perfectly good crisis", it does challenge the observer.

We have no doubt that she has fine relationships with many people. We suspect that these "many people" are found in union headquarters, political offices and editorial boards. We have a hunch that if the DDN did a door-to-door poll of thousands of Dayton households, their view would be tempered.

We are led to believe that if Mclin is presented with bone-headed ideas, she will be capable of "insightful dissection". Unfortunately for all of us, we are regularly presented with problems of a higher order. Ms. Mclin’s previously noted limitations seem to be a more relevant fact.

The DDN notes that Ms. Mclin understands that Dayton’s future depends on Wright-Pat and other larger area institutions. This seems consistent with DDN’s entire appraisal of Rhine Mclin, in that she is dependent on those around her to make competent decisions and in turn dependent on successful area institutions, of which she has no role.

A Withering Dayton may eventually shrink to be in line with the current mayor’s capabilities. With this view of Dayton as inevitable we understand parts of DDN’s logic, but this endorsement does not quite complete the circle. Curiously missing from the DDN view of Ms. Mclin is the subject of "Growth in office". Through 8 years in the mayor’s office, none is noted and there is not a pretense to expect any in the next 4 years.

Cause and effect is hard to prove. Nonetheless we tend to correlate the current city leadership with recent declines. One-party rule is the issue that is conveniently ignored. When the city’s entire consort of elected, "mostly unimpressive" officials are from the same political party, a citizen should be highly suspect of reasoning that concludes that all incumbents should be re-elected.

If you accept the DDN’s assessment of the mayoral race, it hard not to conclude the following: Dayton is worse off with Rhine Mclin than if we had a competent mayor, and we will continue to be worse off if she is elected again. With such a dismal outlook for the future, we wonder why any effort was exerted to endorse a mayoral candidate. A summation of the DDN mayor review seems to be that Dayton should not elect a candidate that "is not ready", but instead simply prepare ourselves in 2013 to end a 12 year run of lackluster leadership.
We respectfully believe that the people of Dayton deserve better and have a better choice at hand.

Ron Browning

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Setting the record straight. Gary Leitzell responds to the DDN editorial endorsement.

I am not surprised by the DDNs endorsement of our incumbent mayor. After all, she is part of the political party machine that they are expected to support. However, the DDN refuses to paint me in a light that is truthful. If they could do that, I would not have to spend time typing this rebuttal myself. This letter is my work, not the work of others. I want the readers to know that I have a concise understanding of the English language. I was raised in England where I attended school from age 9 to 21. I graduated from the University of London with a degree in geology.

The DDN states that I am not ready because I “speculate that our business regulation ordinances are outdated and I don’t cite examples.” Well, this is no speculation. Our regulations are not only outdated, they are antiquated and my only error could be when the ordinances were enacted. I stated between 1950 and 1970. It may be that I am wrong on the dates. It could be 1930 to 1980. It doesn’t matter. They are outdated and need to be looked at. Every business owner that I have talked to this year agrees with me and I have spoken with well over 100 in the last 6 months. I believe the incumbent mentioned speaking with 50 a year. I speculate that they are the same 50 each year.

Had the city administration listened to some of my ideas eight years ago when presented, they may not have had a $17 million budget shortfall for 2010. I ask, “How can a city be fiscally responsible when you have had budget shortfalls for eight consecutive years?” When I asked the incumbent mayor “When you were cutting $13 million from the 2009 budget last September, did you come up with any creative ways to generate revenue that was not a tax or a fee on the water bill?” She not only asked me to repeat the question, she shamefully lowered her head and said “No.”

The DDN says I am disconnected from the real world problems at city hall. Yet I have attended hundreds of city meetings over the last ten years and I can honestly state that I have never seen a single editor of the DDN at any of those meetings. So I ask, “Who are you to state that I am disconnected?” If city hall would have become customer oriented several years ago and re-connected with the people who pay taxes to support city employee salaries they would have fewer real world problems today.

The DDN is sexist when it mocks me as a “Stay-at-home father” and narrow minded when it adds “who paints miniature figurines to add to the family income.” No one from the DDN has ever specifically questioned me on my role in the Miniatures Gaming Industry. They would be impressed by my list of clients and who I know in that and the scuba diving industry. Since I work out of my home, I stay at home. When you say an entrepreneur does not work, you insult anyone who is or has been an entrepreneur. They are hard working all of the time. What I do takes skill. Writing opinions takes much less skill. I am skilled in many things. I have written hobby-related books, self published and sold them. I am very skilled at home restoration. One needs to be aware of city health and safety codes for this as well as the permitting process. (Of course the DDN thinks that I know nothing of city regulations.)
My houseblog ( has been featured in several national magazines as well as mentioned in the Wall Street Journal as being a source of inspirational information to the do-it-yourself home remodeler. I own rental property. I teach my child. I run a neighborhood association and have maintained a monthly neighborhood newsletter for seven years. I chair a Priority Board. I have held a seat on that board for ten years and yes, it is an elected position. Not exactly the things you would expect a “house husband” to do. I can also cook, clean, wash clothes, iron, do dishes, use a sewing machine and sew by hand. What skills does an editor have? Please tell.

The DDN states “nothing in his background suggests readiness to be mayor of a diverse, complex, troubled city.” This is an outright lie. I handed the editorial review board a copy of my resume. I told them that I haven’t had to produce a resume in over 15 years. (When you own a business, people don’t look at your resume. They study the quality of your work.) That resume is viewable at my web site when you click on the “News” part of the banner. Look for the link at the right of the page. It documents that I have considerable sales, marketing and management skills. My experience in the retail industry and the insurance industry gives me excellent people skills. I managed a store, I managed an insurance sales office and I managed a team of salespeople from 4 states. All before I had reached the age of 28. The DDN has a copy of this document but they failed to list any of the information contained in it. The incumbent mayor has 20 years of political experience and because of this, she is better qualified to lead the city? Let me state this. You can have all the experience in the world. It does not mean that you are good at your “job.” After all, experience is just a term we give to our mistakes. If quality of ones work sets a standard for experience, I excel. I have the cumulative experience of a rich and rewarding life over the last 20 years. Not one year of political experience 20 times. How Dayton is marketed by our “leader in tough times” is clearly reflected in how she markets herself. Look around you and count the number of green/white/black signs you see on vacant lots or abandoned properties. Quality marketing? After November 3rd I hope the DDN is willing to hire the incumbent mayor to market their paper for 4 years since they feel she is the “Best” choice in this election and my feeling is that she will need a job.
Please be an informed voter and vote on November 3rd for the candidate that you feel will move Dayton in a positive direction and make it a quality place to be a part of.

By his own hand and in his own words,

Gary Leitzell
Candidate for Dayton Mayor

I was asked to cut this to 500 words. I did. The DDN accepted my 500 words but cut out over 120 of them in the final print. Guess they weren't happy about what I said.

CORRECTION: The additional 120 + words were placed back in the online article the following morning when it was brought to the attention of the editor.

By the way, would you like to know where the editors live?

Kevin Riley, the newspaper’s editor, lives in Oakwood. Ellen Belcher, the editorial page editor, lives in Washington Twp. Martin Gottlieb and Scott Elliott, both editorial writers, live in Kettering..... go figure.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dayton Daily News endorses Incumbent

The Dayton Daily News has endorsed the incumbent mayor. This was expected because it is the political party thing to do. Though if I were the current mayor, I wouldn't call it an endorsement. I think she got a pretty bad review compared to me. Read the comments, they are very telling about how people feel about incumbents.
I sent a rebuttal to the paper in order to clarify a few things. I will post it here shortly.

My rebuttal had to be edited down to 500 words. I will post the full length version after the condensed version is published on Thursday. It is much more effective. In the meantime click the link to the right that says "Resume". It is below the image that says "Contact". Since the DDN and the Ohio Democratic Party say that I have no experience I have chosen to make it available. I am not an experienced politician. Of that charge, I am guilty. I AM an experienced problem solver. Many of the problems that I have had to solve recently were in fact initiated by a lack vision on behalf of our city government. It is time to put the vision back!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mayoral Debate Video

Here is the video stream of Wednesday nights mayoral debate.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

"Get Off of My Cloud"

A comment was left on the previous post. See below.

Here is the person behind the Democratic Party smear site. Name Daniel Klco. If you feel inclined, send him your thoughts. It is a pretty sad site. Pathetic really.

Check out his personal blog. It is way better than the smear site. Leave him a comment since you can't leave one on the Democratic Party site. He could use the publicity.

"the owner of this domain's Linkedin page is

He is a pretty active democrat, as you can see

And has awfully big words concerning the Dayton election, coming from someone who lives in Kettering. "