Monday, August 17, 2009

It's All About the Delivery.

I had another run in with bad customer service. This time it was from a well respected ex-city employee. I think their issue was power to control. I'm really not too sure. Let me explain.

I attended a well established festival this weekend. I was with a neighbor, his son and my daughter. We were wearing "Elect Gary Leitzell" shirts and I had a handful of literature pieces to pass out. Within 15 minutes of our arrival we were approached by two Sheriffs deputies who politely asked us not to pass out literature. I asked them who ordered them to approach us and whether or not their request was a violation of my constitutional rights at a public festival. The festival organizer had given them the order and they didn't know whether they could legally stop me. I didn't know either because it was a public festival in a public park with paid admission.
I honored their request but made a point to have a discussion with the event organizer. The event organizer had worked for the City of Dayton for about 30 years and has done much for the city during her tenure. She is also an active member of the Democratic party. The one that has endorsed the incumbent mayor. I used to respect this person but I fear that has now changed. I mentioned that I was going to look into whether she had violated my right to pass out literature by sending two officers over to stop me. She paused for a moment and then got rather nasty. At one point she claimed that she had kicked out people "bigger" than me in the past. As if that is something to be proud of. The issue here was clearly power and control. She wanted to limit my ability to campaign at this event even if it was against the law. It turns out that they often invite candidates to attend this festival and have a booth. If I had a table then I could have passed out literature. The problem is, I was not invited. I chose to be a paying customer. The incumbent mayor was there with Commissioner Nan Whaley. I doubt that they had to pay the admission charge. They did not have a booth but I didn't notice if they had handed out any literature.

My point is this. All the event organizer had to do was come up to me herself and simply say "Gary, we have a policy that restricts you from walking around handing out literature. If you would like to pass stuff out we require you to have a booth or you could stand outside the gate where you are free to pass out anything that you want to."

The gentleman that manages the 2nd Street Market did exactly that when he saw me there two weeks ago. Very polite and very cordial, but he works for the county, not the city.

I have lived in Dayton for 15 years. This was the first time I have ever attended this event. I paid to enter the festival. Needless to say, I don't think I will ever return. If this person treated City of Dayton taxpayers or residents in this manner while she worked for the city then it is no wonder we have the problems that we do today. This way of treating people may have worked in the 1970s when Dayton was a boom town but it is obsolete in 2009. I fear that some employees are stuck in a 50 year paradigm. They have worked for the city for over 20 years and were trained by people who had been there 30 years.

If you want things to be different, if you want the paradigm to shift, you have to vote for me on November 3rd and ask everyone you know to do the same.


Anonymous said...

Let me guess. This is the same obnoxious tired old fat hillbilly who got her house burned down?

No wonder.

Anonymous said...

What do you do, write your own comments, you wanna be pirate

Anonymous said...

wouldn't vote 4 u if u paid me

Gary said...

I don't leave anonymous comments on any sight that I post to. I have been posting statements for many years. I have never been ashamed to speak how I feel.
If you look at the date and time of the post and catch it fairly quickly you can click the "Sitemeter" button on the right side of the page under the archives and find some limited information about the poster. For the first anonymous comment, all I know is the author has Roadrunner, a Macintosh and an ISP in the Dayton area. I don't know anyone with a mac and I don't use RR. Sorry, I'm really not vindictive. I can agree to disagree. I allowed the post because it is how someone genuinely feels. Just as I will allow any post that doesn't use foul language.

Anonymous said...

Guess what folks, I was there and got the WHOLE SCOOP-believe me. The situation was not handled properly or professioally, and having a law degree, there are grounds for a law suit. Mr. Leitzell was not campaigning at this PUBLIC event. I'll say this though, a speaker on stage blatently endorsed Nan Whaley.Hmmm...I distinctly overheard someone with him say "we are unable to pass out literature here, unless specifically asked".It's a shame what happened to Mr. Leitzell that day and he will certainly get my vote!!!!!!

peggy reed said...

Why couldnt you attempt to find one of the organizers before you started campaigning? There are many! This is a festival of appalachian heritage yet your readers are still ignorant enough to call us hillbillies! I think your anger stem from more than just this! Did you see anyone else passing out literature? We have never allowed it! The only subject i heard about all weekend was to help save metro parks and they deserve it! As far as the mayor and Nan they are elected officials you sir are not! you may choose not allow this or not but facts are facts! you have been very rude to this indivual on more than one occasion. I know because i am her daughter! your first comment should have been deleted for someone to seem so happy of my childhood home burning down if i were running for office i certainly would not want this person backing me!
thank you,
Peggy Reed

kncjr said...

I had not heard about you until today when my neighbor said you might be around our neighborhood to gather support so I went to your site.

After reading your "oh poor me" rant about how you were treated at a festival, I now know a little more.

It appears you paid admission to go into a festival to campaign not to attend the festival as is evident by your bringing materials.

If you were going to campaign you should have gone through the correct channels.

It's a shame you saw fit to complain about this on your campaign page.

Sorry, probably lost my vote.

Gary said...

The purpose of my post was to expose the culture that is still evident in parts of city hall. The anonymous posts are making this issue about a person. I never identified the person and most people who read this wouldn't know the person or the festival involved.
@ Peggy, thank you for not posting anonymously. I admire you greatly for that.
@kncjr, I was wearing a T-shirt with my name on it. Of course I was capaigning. It is my right as a United States Citizen to be able to do so. That right was denied to me in such a way that was forceful. Law enforcement was wrongly utilized to deny those rights by someone who lacked the legal authority to give the order.When I called the event organizer out, I believe she realized that she made a big legal no-no and reacted in a nasty way with threats and personal attacks.
I remained polite but firm. All I ask for is a fair and level playing field. You would want the same if you were in my shoes. Like I stated earlier, I didn't know that I had to talk to an event organizer because I wasn't invited to attend the event. The organizer knows me, has my phone number and my email address.

I appreciate all the comments. None have been exluded. I have no problems posting negative comments about how people feel about my opinions. It inspires educated debate which is what government should be about. Also because this sight has tripled the number of page views over 2 days and like they say in politics, "Any publicity is good publicity."

Thank you all for participating. Please continue to express your opinions. Please keep the dialogue clean though.

Patrick Ernst said...

I think that the point is that the Democratic Party's representative was doing their job by being RUDE and claiming that this festival is for "members only". The fact that this woman worked for the City of Dayton Building Services for about 27 years is not an issue. She retired and now tries to represent others as such. Gary, your only mistake was shaking up the establishment full of fascists that attempt to exclude others with independent thought. Hopefully the sheople of Dayton will wake up and smell the decay around them and look for CHANGE!
Go Gary Go!

Truth in Ohio said...

Gary - I just want you to know that I do not see your post as a "poor me" post as others have suggested. I appreciate you telling people of your experiences with the city and their representatives - no matter what capacity they are currently in. I have never had a pleasant experience dealing with anyone from the city and it's nice to know that they treat others with equal disdain.

Karla said...

Can't wait for the election! Dayton is dying, and the city leaders are allowing it to happen. I'd go so far as to say ignoring the fact! People amaze me with their "How dare he!" attitude. Mr. Leitzell is trying to get his name out to people because he cares about his community and doesn't want ignorance to rule the city for any longer than it has to. I'm sick of being frightened of being downtown, sick of careless spending...ready for someone without the sense of self-importance!!

Anonymous said...

No argument with your post Gary, but you got one thing wrong....MetroParks employees do not work for the county. As a mayoral candidate you should know that MetroParks is an independent agency, not a county agency.

Anonymous said...

Gary you are an illusion in your own mind, you are clueless as to Dayton's problems. Your web site is amusing anyway. In the unlikely event you got elected you'd be a one term mayor if you lasted 4 years. If you can't take a little heat at Mountain Days good luck sitting in the mayor's seat.