Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Be Careful What You Wish For.

The Dayton Daily News just printed an article and WHIO Channel 7 just broadcast a news bulletin about how the AFL-CIO has endorsed the Democratic Party ticket. My hope was that the unions would take a neutral stance this time but I guess the frenzy over stimulus money has healed the wounds from earlier in the year. The unions had two issues with me. Obviously none had done due diligence because they are still trying to apply a "Republican" label to me as did WHIO. If they had ever read this blog, they would have seen this post from March explaining how I was offered the endorsement. They also made an issue of my decision to Home School my daughter who is reading at a third grade level and doing triple digit addition and subtraction at six years old. The following article about the performance of Dayton Public Schools was released in the same paper. While DPS scores a D on their report card my daughter gets A's. For this I should be penalized?

If I were a union member I would be more concerned with Ms. McLin going around to all the neighborhood meetings declaring that Dayton is becoming a "Boutique City." She was recently quoted in the Wall Street Journal.

In fact the journal published the following "Dayton Mayor Rhine McLin ran to the podium for her talk. "If you look under the surface, you will see that we are developing a boutique city," she said. She didn't elaborate on what she meant."

Intrigued by this term, I did what any regular guy would do and "Googled" the term "boutique city" and was not happy with what I found. I consider what she is promoting to be a slap in the face for any middle class or working class person or family who has helped get her elected these last 8 years. I will elaborate in my next post.


Dayton family said...

I support the choice your family has made to homeschool - good for you! It is great that she is doing so well!! I live in Dayton and have homeschooled before as well. I would do it again before my kids would go back to a DPS. The fact that you homeschool and choose not to send your child to a DPS does not put a "mark" against you in my book. And do not be discouraged! Many of your supporters in the Dayton area also chose to homeschool or send their children to parochial/private schools. Just reach out. Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

i was set for a change .until i read the response of send the homeless man with a new suit to another location to ask for money this kinf of we dont need we to help the less forunat not change the zipcode