Saturday, June 20, 2009

Going, going…..sold!

As I pick out the last bit of whipped cream from my hair, I just want to give a hearty thank you to all who participated in Thursday night’s pie auction. A big applause goes to Jules and Eric Opperman, the owners of Dolcessa. They were the gracious hosts for this event. Also, want to thank Alex, who volunteered his service at the last moment as the youth auctioneer.
A thank you to Leah! You rock! Vanna White has nothing on you!

Not only was this a campaign fundraiser, but more importantly it was an opportunity to showcase local Dayton businesses. Ann Kenion, sole proprietor, of Desserts by Ann started the auction with her five pies. She got a rowdy applause from the audience. She already has a following of her delicious pies. Mehaffies Pies was next on the auction block with an assortment of yummy cream and fruit pies. They have been around for nearly eight decades. Christopher’s Restaurant followed with four tempting chocolate-peanut butter pies. A homemade carrot cake was also thrown into the mix. Bob Lipps, our very own Walnut Hills baker, brought a tempting dark chocolate cheesecake as well as some other goodies. Of course, Dolcessa featured a few gelato pies as well. Bob Cochran, I have my eye on you!Thanks to all! If your business is interested in hosting a campaign fundraiser, please contact our fundraising manager, Jeff Dalton at

With regards,

Gary Leitzell

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