Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Making The Grade.

The Montgomery County Board of Elections has counted all the signatures on the petitions that were submitted before the Friday March 6th deadline of 4:00 PM from all potential candidates for mayor and city commission. The results were surprising to say the least. I won't go into details because you can read about the information in the Dayton Daily News. The only commissioner challenger to qualify was David Esrati who hosts a politically oriented blog. He has kindly posted links to the official results which I looked at and analyzed a little.

If you looked at the results, I want you to consider only those people who qualified to be on the ballot. Then I want you to consider which candidates demonstrated organizational skills that would allude to them being effective and efficient under pressure. The following shows the name of the candidate. Their status. The number of valid signatures / number of total signatures. % valid of the total.

Rhine McLin (Mayor) 667/991 (67.3%)
Gary Leitzell (Candidate for Mayor) 613/753 (81.4%)
Joey Williams (Commissioner) 635/1032 (61.3%)
Nan Whaley (Commissioner) 661/975 (67.8%)
David Esrati (Candidate for Commissioner) 514/642 (80.0%)

I explained in an earlier post how quality is important and effective, efficient methods are critical under the restriction of time, cold weather and getting to the people who count. This is one of those scenarios where the concept of "Less is More" applies. It is obvious to me from these results which two candidates understood the task at hand and worked most effectively to achieve their goal of getting 500 valid signatures on their petitions. Effective efficient leadership is absolutely imperative in the days ahead. Dayton is a quality town. It needs quality, creative people at the helm.

Before I forget, I would like to thank the few quality people who helped me get on the ballot and in advance all of you who will support my candidacy. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Gsry, I would also venture to say that both of us got at least 500 signatures by ourselves, I doubt any of the incumbents can say the same. It shows a different level of dedication.

Cyndi said...


Mark said...

Gary, I am thrilled to see a thoughtful, witty, and dedicated person run for Mayor. I have been checking in on your house blog since I discovered it in 2007. Last year, our family of 4 moved from a home on Carlisle and Wayne to an old house a few counties south. Can you blame me? I still get back to Dayton often and miss the great things it has to offer. I am fully behind you and your effort, Congrats!

Now it's too bad I can't vote in Dayton anymore...