Saturday, March 28, 2009

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Being Branded

This weeks Dayton Weekly News published the above article. The Dayton Weekly News is a weekly African-American newspaper published locally. The writer did not contact me regarding the story and got the photograph of me from the Dayton Daily News. For the record, my five year old daughter took the photograph in December 2008 so that the Dayton Daily News had a photograph of me for the story that they ran that month announcing my intention to run for Mayor.
I spoke with the editor of the Dayton Weekly News today. I informed him that I am an independent candidate in a non-partisan, local mayoral race that has been endorsed by the Republican party. His paper's labelling me as being a Republican candidate is wrong and should be corrected. He assured me he would make a correction. I also gave him my contact information should his staff wish to contact me in the future.
I have nothing against Republicans. I have nothing against Democrats. I am very centralist in my views and to be branded as being for either party would be wrong information. I am about being fair to all of the citizens of Dayton, regardless of their party affiliation. I can only hope that I will be treated fairly in the months ahead.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Making The Grade.

The Montgomery County Board of Elections has counted all the signatures on the petitions that were submitted before the Friday March 6th deadline of 4:00 PM from all potential candidates for mayor and city commission. The results were surprising to say the least. I won't go into details because you can read about the information in the Dayton Daily News. The only commissioner challenger to qualify was David Esrati who hosts a politically oriented blog. He has kindly posted links to the official results which I looked at and analyzed a little.

If you looked at the results, I want you to consider only those people who qualified to be on the ballot. Then I want you to consider which candidates demonstrated organizational skills that would allude to them being effective and efficient under pressure. The following shows the name of the candidate. Their status. The number of valid signatures / number of total signatures. % valid of the total.

Rhine McLin (Mayor) 667/991 (67.3%)
Gary Leitzell (Candidate for Mayor) 613/753 (81.4%)
Joey Williams (Commissioner) 635/1032 (61.3%)
Nan Whaley (Commissioner) 661/975 (67.8%)
David Esrati (Candidate for Commissioner) 514/642 (80.0%)

I explained in an earlier post how quality is important and effective, efficient methods are critical under the restriction of time, cold weather and getting to the people who count. This is one of those scenarios where the concept of "Less is More" applies. It is obvious to me from these results which two candidates understood the task at hand and worked most effectively to achieve their goal of getting 500 valid signatures on their petitions. Effective efficient leadership is absolutely imperative in the days ahead. Dayton is a quality town. It needs quality, creative people at the helm.

Before I forget, I would like to thank the few quality people who helped me get on the ballot and in advance all of you who will support my candidacy. Thank you.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Republican Party Endorsement

A couple of weeks ago I recieved a phone call from the Montgomery County Republican Party. The chairman, Mr. Gregory Gantt wanted to meet me. I met him at a local coffee shop and we exchanged stories for an hour. He asked me how I would feel about being endorsed by the Republican Party. I stated that I don't have a problem with it since they had come to me but he may want to wait to see who gets on the ballot. Their endorsement doesn't make me a Republican candidate in our Democratic town. I am an independent candidate in a non-partisan mayor election.

The day I turned my petitions in they wanted to meet with me again. They checked my paperwork for me and basically told me I was their guy. They wanted to help me get elected and would rally the business community behind me.

I have to see the bigger picture. This endorsement does many things. It gives a shimmer of hope to the regions business owners who feel left out while at the same time connects me with them directly. A connection that I need if I am going to win this election. I am willing to listen to all ideas. That includes both Republican and Democratic ideas. We all have to think way outside the box if we want to get things done in Dayton. This strategic alliance also helps to level the playing field by giving me access to the same information our current mayor has and most importantly it tells her I am very serious about what I am doing.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

More About The Petition Process

I turned my petitions in this afternoon to the board of elections. I ended up with 753 signatures. I need 500 registered voters residing in Dayton in order to be on the ballot. I personally collected 680 signatures. Over 500 were acquired by going door to door. This is time consuming but ensures quality. It turns out that the City of Dayton and the City of Oakwood require the use of their own special petition forms. All other municipalities use a standard form. The forms have to be filled in with specific wording but the Board of elections is not permitted to tell you the exact wording. It is up to the city of Dayton's legal department to determine what that is should it be questioned. For anyone interested in local government, this is a red flag that confirms the perception that our city administration is trapped in a 50 year paradigm. The election process for the city of Dayton is not designed to be easy. The fact that you need 500 signatures in itself acts as a screening process. I am not opposed to having to acquire a large number of signatures. I knew what I was up against there. I shouldn't need a law degree or a friend in the city commission in order to fill out the basic part of the form though. It appears that I did everything properly. I will know in a few days. There is a filing fee of $45.00. I don't know if they tell potential candidates this. I assumed there would be some fee. There are some other filing fees that need to be paid regarding campaign financing. It looks like I am going to have to solicit some funding very soon because I need name recognition. I have some but it is minor. I am trying to be creative and don't want to be wasteful. If anyone has any ideas that don't involve me getting arrested or "not having sex with that woman" I am all ears!