Thursday, February 3, 2011

Good News About the Region - REGIONAL HOSPITAL GROUPS

Information provided by David McDonald Author of "Saving America's Cities"

Within the Dayton Region, Kettering Health Network and Premier Health Partners, combined, employee approximately 51,000 people and are expanding at a rate in excess of 1,000 employees per year. Health Grades, Inc. recently completed its eighth annual Health Grades Hospital Quality and Clinical Excellence Study. In this study, the nearly 5,000 hospitals in the US were evaluated, and the top 5% (roughly 270 hospitals) were given the “Distinguished Hospitals for Clinical Excellence” award. Dayton had five hospitals to receive this award, (Dayton will likely soon add a sixth.) Very few regions can boast of this level of nationally recognized quality healthcare. Many of these hospitals have even higher ratings is specific areas of care. Miami Valley, Good Samaritan, Kettering, Grandview, and Southview have been chosen as distinguished hospitals for clinical excellence by Health Grades. Of Ohio’s 67 hospitals, only 25 received this honor. In addition, the Dayton region is now ranked #3 in the nation for overall hospital quality by Health Grades, Inc.

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