Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mayoral Debate Video

Here is the video stream of Wednesday nights mayoral debate.


Hall said...

I made this comment on your Facebook page and it may have gotten missed, so I'll repeat it here:

You really insulted the current commissioners at one point with a comment you made. Remember, it's guaranteed that 3 of the 4, if not all 4, will still be there after the election and for the next two years and if you win, you do have to work with them. The mayor still only has one vote.

I understand that may have been an off-the-cuff comment, but that's what can be jumped on and made into a bigger deal than it is. I can already see the rest of the commission out-voting you on anything you propose as mayor and someone relating it to your insult. Remember, everything is sound bites now, so be careful of everything you say.

Gary said...

I have also made the statement that my job as mayor is to make every single one of those commissioners look better than me. None of them are trying to out shine McLin. That is the main problem. She doesn't look good right now and neither do they because she isn't grooming them to replace her. With my civic positions, I have already groomed my replacements. They are primed and ready to lead in my absence. Matt Joseph has been a huge disappointment to Southeast Dayton. He has two years to get his act together and at least appear to be doing something constructive or he will lose a whole lot support from the voters, and I am one of them. I like Matt, I get along with the other 3 commissioners. This won't be them vs. me unless they make it that way. I really don't think that will happen. The Democratic party needs to learn that I am a much better ally than an enemy. I am doing nothing to reduce Ms. McLin's chances of being re-elected. They are doing everything in their power to destroy mine. Most of their attacks are petty though and quite pathetic really. The best thing Nan and Joey could do at this point is distance themselves from Rhine. I don't think they have the foresight though to see that associating themselves with her could hurt them on November 3rd. Incumbent is a bad word in politics right now!