Saturday, October 24, 2009

Another Persons View of the DDN Endorsement.

Received this today. I was asked if I could post it.

We wholeheartedly agree with the DDN that Rhine Mclin is lacking as a spokesperson for the people of Dayton. The view that she does not have the political reflexes of previous mayors is obvious also. The observance that she is not viewed as a force "in the room" or in the wider community is a fact not in dispute. The belief that she is not a born leader is backed up by her lack of performance as mayor.

The DDN correctly notes that she is not an innovator. The DDN has astutely noted that when others around her prep her and convince her about a decision, she has enough sense to follow their direction. The implication is that her grasp of her own inabilities is a favorable job qualification. The DDN's observation that she would be better suited in a different job is not a statement to quibble with. We will assume that the DDN has assessed correctly that she enjoyed previous easier jobs and likes having choices. We have the same desire.

DDN judges that having a strong city manager form of government is serving the city well now. It follows that the alternative, having more power in the hand of Rhine Mclin would be a detriment. We agree. Ms. Mclin’s acknowledgment that others around her are more competent to make decisions seems to be her highest job qualification. Our conversations with those around her overwhelmingly agree with the competency assessment.

Things would be worse in Dayton except for the competency of the non-elected officials who the DDN views as saving us from the current elected officials. The DDN’s evaluation of the five city commissioners, including the mayor, as "mostly unimpressive", wisely refrains from trying to point out any exceptions. We will accept their appraisal.

This endorsement contains a minor reference to "her foibles". Left unsaid is just what character failings they wish to keep unilluminated. In fact, this critique of Ms. Mclin has so many backhanded compliments it takes quite a bit of sifting and sorting to find any unqualified positives. They can’t go so far as to say that she is "astute", without referring to the many people that think she is not. We assume that the DDN has gathered this information from those in her close proximity.
The DDN opinion that Ms. Mclin’s painting of Dayton’s bright future as fantasy, is on the mark. The DDN notes that Ms. Mclin understands that closed, antiquated factories are a thing of the past. We are not sure just how quickly she came to this insight. The DDN is confident that as the situation deteriorates in the city of Dayton, Ms. Mclin will communicate this to the people, in her aforementioned deficient manor. We share this confidence.

We will defer to the DDN appraisal of Ms. Mclin’s off-camera wittiness. Though she does not attribute to wittiness, her on-air statements about these times being a "perfectly good crisis", it does challenge the observer.

We have no doubt that she has fine relationships with many people. We suspect that these "many people" are found in union headquarters, political offices and editorial boards. We have a hunch that if the DDN did a door-to-door poll of thousands of Dayton households, their view would be tempered.

We are led to believe that if Mclin is presented with bone-headed ideas, she will be capable of "insightful dissection". Unfortunately for all of us, we are regularly presented with problems of a higher order. Ms. Mclin’s previously noted limitations seem to be a more relevant fact.

The DDN notes that Ms. Mclin understands that Dayton’s future depends on Wright-Pat and other larger area institutions. This seems consistent with DDN’s entire appraisal of Rhine Mclin, in that she is dependent on those around her to make competent decisions and in turn dependent on successful area institutions, of which she has no role.

A Withering Dayton may eventually shrink to be in line with the current mayor’s capabilities. With this view of Dayton as inevitable we understand parts of DDN’s logic, but this endorsement does not quite complete the circle. Curiously missing from the DDN view of Ms. Mclin is the subject of "Growth in office". Through 8 years in the mayor’s office, none is noted and there is not a pretense to expect any in the next 4 years.

Cause and effect is hard to prove. Nonetheless we tend to correlate the current city leadership with recent declines. One-party rule is the issue that is conveniently ignored. When the city’s entire consort of elected, "mostly unimpressive" officials are from the same political party, a citizen should be highly suspect of reasoning that concludes that all incumbents should be re-elected.

If you accept the DDN’s assessment of the mayoral race, it hard not to conclude the following: Dayton is worse off with Rhine Mclin than if we had a competent mayor, and we will continue to be worse off if she is elected again. With such a dismal outlook for the future, we wonder why any effort was exerted to endorse a mayoral candidate. A summation of the DDN mayor review seems to be that Dayton should not elect a candidate that "is not ready", but instead simply prepare ourselves in 2013 to end a 12 year run of lackluster leadership.
We respectfully believe that the people of Dayton deserve better and have a better choice at hand.

Ron Browning


East Side Libertarian said...

I just read through your expense report as well as the current mayor's from the DDN website.
I'm blown away at how many non-dayton contributions she has recieved. Seriously? Someone from Florida gave 50 dollars? Someone from Maryland gave? 2,500 from someone in Columbus? And a whole lot from the neighboring communities of Dayton.
It appears that because of how she's managed her own city, that she can't even fund her campaign from her own community.
And what has she spent that much money on? A makeover and campaign signs? I'm a Dayton resident and I have not received a single mailing or phone call from her.
Gosh I hope she gets the boot.

Anonymous said...

Rhine McLin is of and for the elites of Dayton, Ohio