Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Belmont and the Mayors Walk

Monday was the Mayors walk in Belmont Neighborhood. This week Ms. McLin made a point of actually going up to the residents that were standing on their porches or in their yards and speaking with them. Only after myself or people who support my campaign had already introduced themselves though. I think she has finally comprehended that she needs to connect with the customers of the city of Dayton. After seven and a half years she is finally realizing what she needed to focus on. The customers and not the litter. Hallelujah!

After the walk I took my daughter to see the Miami Valley Music Men in the Randy Chisholm Memorial Hall located at 2745 S. Smithville Road. They meet every Monday at 7:30 PM and sing Barbershop style. We enjoyed two hours of entertainment from a group of dedicated individuals. Please stop by and visit them or join their group if you like to sing. These guys were excellent. They will be singing the national anthem at the Dragons game on June 15th. Here is snippet from their practice section. My daughter got up there with them and enjoyed being part of the show. These men should be invited to participate in Urban Nights in September. They have never been asked to do so in the past.

I think we are going to stop by often. They really seemed to appreciate the fact that I took the time to visit and welcomed me with open arms.

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Anonymous said...

I was on that walk, too. I felt that your representatives made a blatant attempt to hijack the Mayor's walk. They were not really very polite to those of us on the walk as representatives of the BEH Community Council, ignoring, among others, polite suggestions that they allow Mayor McLin a chance to interact with the public before they jumped ahead of her with your literature. You want to walk in a neighborhood? Next time organize your own.