Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm No Superhero But I Play One on You Tube!

I had an interesting day yesterday. I agreed to spend an afternoon with realtor Sarah Stanton driving around west Dayton to see some of the real estate problems on that side of town. Sarah is passionate about the west side and is committed to the real estate market there when others are trying to sell McMansions in the suburbs. Sarah knows the people and the culture. Many friendly people waved at us as we drove by. Ironically she is from England and her birthday is one day before mine!

While touring she took three short videos. The second one was interesting. We pulled into the parking lot of the Westside Supermarket at the same time as a parked car with two children in the back seat lost control and began to coast down the parking lot towards Germantown St.. Reacting quickly, two women from the store and I ran to the car and managed to stop it before it was about to roll down Germantown in the wrong lane. The event ended happily and the owner of the car was able to park it safely.

Sarah has done a number of You Tube videos. This one is really cool!

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Anonymous said...

She seems a bit too nutty to be a REALTOR. Be careful Mr. Leitzell.